Little League

PeeWees to Under 11

Little League at Randburg AFC centres on the early development of player’s technique, while having fun.

It is an essential age where drills are done to teach the kids to develop their passing/receiving, dribbling/control and shooting abilities. These techniques are the basis for the future and, if developed early, it can benefit a player’s game as they get older. Emphasis is placed on having fun- to ensure the kids enjoy the game at this age, development of skills and team spirit.

The Little League starts out at ages 4 to 5 years old (Peewees) where they are taught the basics. They head into Festival football in 4-a-side games in under 6 and 5-a-side in under. From under 8 a goalkeeper is introduced and games are moved to 7-a-side up to under 10. All games at this level are non-competitive but players get weekly games and tournaments every 2 months. In under 11 the kids play 9-a-side as they start playing in a competitive league.

RAFC currently averages 4 to 5 teams per age group at the Little League level. We try to ensure that each player gets equal game time and players are taught to play in different positions. Training times are 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, where there are drills setup for the kids to learn and develop their technical skills.