Joker Draw

Joker Draw is every Friday at 19:30.

How does it work...

A full deck of cards 

A full deck of cards plus 1 (one) JOKER are placed face down in a locked cabinet and each week entry tickets are sold at R5 each. No one knows the position of the cards.

Draws take place on a Friday and one name drawn from that weeks entries gets to choose a card – JOKER IS THE WINNER!

If the JOKER is not drawn then the money from tickets sold carries over to the next Friday. New tickets are sold and another draw takes place the following Friday and so it continues… ONLY THE JOKER IS A WINNER!

Entry tickets sold are only valid for that week’s draw.

The JOKER could be drawn the first Friday or it could take weeks – make sure you enter every week to stand a chance of winning!

The total accumulated takings (when the JOKER is drawn) is split 60% to the lucky winner and 40% forms part of the Club’s fundraising.

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